Dad Lets His 13-Ft Pet Python Wrap Itself Around His Baby, Says 'Snakes Are Not Evil Creatures'

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Dad Lets His 13-Ft Pet Python Wrap Itself Around His Baby, Says 'Snakes Are Not Evil Creatures'

The video of his 14-month-old daughter playing with a Burmese python did not sit well with parents who called it dangerous and irresponsible.

Parents often get a pet so their kids can learn about responsibility and have a buddy to play with. Often times they become a part of the family. Also, when we talk about family pets we naturally assume it's going to be a pet dog, cat, hamster, or even a goldfish. But a 13-foot Burmese python would never cross our mind, not even as a joke. Leaving your kid in the care of a python is not something anyone would do voluntarily but here is a dad who does. Jamie Guarino is a snake handler by profession and believes that leaving his toddler to play with a python is okay.

In a video that went viral, we can see his 14-month-old daughter lying on the floor as a big snake slithers around her and on top of her. If this clip were seen out of context, we would have a fright assuming the snake was prepping his meal. But the Burmese python and the little girl are friends. She even has a name, Nay Nay. Just like your kid is friends with your dog. But concerned parents did not think this was safe and that Guarino was being irresponsible to allow his daughter to play with a 13-foot-snake. But Guarino believes that his daughter was in no danger at all

"I was trying to show that snakes are not evil creatures, they can be a loving pet despite their bad reputation," Guarino said in the video on the Truly YouTube channel. "When people see the way Nay-Nay is with Alyssa they mostly react with fear or negativity and I don't understand why." He continued, " As you can see the snake is just roaming around. It has no interest in biting her, or choking her, or swallowing her. This is an embedded fear and I think that people are brainwashed." Guarino runs a YouTube channel, SnakeHunter TV , with his older daughter Krista.

Guarino, who has been a snake handler since the age of 16, hopes to one day bring his two daughters into the family business as well. He has plans in the future to open a reptile zoo and share their passion for reptiles, along with educating people as well. "I think the benefits of raising children around exotics is simple. They can open up their mind to something different, rather than your average pet." A lot of YouTube users agreed with Guarino. Nathan Higgins stated, As long as you keep a snake well fed, they are virtually harmless. Chelsea Clementi , on the other hand, believed that the snake coiling around the girl was a way of protecting her.

Hannahlouise333 commented: Have massive amounts of respect for this guy.. it’s hard for people to understand but he’s a professional he knows his snakes and you can clearly see the snake is chill not particularly interested in the little girl but more interested in having a look around. Snakes are inquisitive animals and they are also very affectionate despite the mean reputation. Listen to this guy folks snakes are NOT what you think they are. You can watch Jamie Guarino's interview here:

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