Groom Violently Slaps His Bride Across Her Face On Wedding Day For Not Feeding Him Cake

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Groom Violently Slaps His Bride Across Her Face On Wedding Day For Not Feeding Him Cake

A video clip of a newlywed couple went viral because the groom violently ill-treated his new wife in front of all their wedding guests

Getting married can be a wonderful thing. If you get married to someone you love and respect. But the concept of getting married to the people you choose is not universal. Netflix shows like "Indian Matchmaking" show how two people can be joined in holy matrimony based on a surface-level understanding of their "life partner." The contract of marriage is an unbalanced deal in favor of the man and some instances are stark reminders what women have to settle for. A disturbing example of this is when a video clip of a newlywed couple went viral because of how the wife was ill-treated by her new husband.

The video shows the newly married couple as they cut the wedding cake and are each given a piece of it to feed their spouse. It looks like the regular excitement that we see in wedding ceremonies but it takes a turn for the worse soon enough. The relatives of the bride and groom are surrounding them. A woman lifts the unnamed bride's veil so the groom can feed her the cake. The bride has a stoic demeanor as she accepts the cake that is fed to her. The ritual looks mechanical and it is now the bride's to feed her husband. She takes a slice and teases her husband by pretending to take the slice of cake away.

This is when the groom violently stuck his bride and with such force that the bride stumbles into a seat behind her. Everyone around the couple was in shock and the bride can be seen clutching on to the side of her face in pain. The groom was visibly getting angrier and was quicky held down by a man who was standing behind him. The bride is seen standing with her head down as someone tries to console her. The footage is believed to have been captured at a wedding that took place in Uzbekistan, according to The Sun . The video of the aggressive groom has gone viral and has angered people who have expressed their concern for the woman.

Social media users expressed their concern about the violent behavior the groom displayed in front of a huge crowd of people. TJ stated, Most abusers are adamant about making sure no one sees. If he's willing to do this in front of an audience, then how frightening to think what he'd do in private. Marzena Baginska stated Wow he is so disrespectful and abusing now at from of all her and his family why he is marrying her if he doesn't love her and respect her and her family? Run my girl because he will end up killing you later your life will be nothing just measurable if you stay with that animal.

But sadly this not an isolated incident and there have been many wedding videos where the groom can be seen physically hurting their brides, in plain sight, in front of the guests gathered. Other similar videos of brides teasing their grooms with a piece of cake have gone viral. In one video, the groom can be seen slapping the bride's hand that held the spoon with the piece of cake she would not feed her husband. And in another tantrum-throwing incident, the angry groom kicks the table because his bride would not feed him the cake. The teasing seems to be a ritual that the grooms just do not like or understand.

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