Man Travels 1,500 Miles In Teddy Bear Suit To Surprise Girlfriend To Find Her In Another Man's Arms

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Man Travels 1,500 Miles In Teddy Bear Suit To Surprise Girlfriend To Find Her In Another Man's Arms

The man wanted to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday but was left heartbroken instead.

Relationships are in itself a lot of work. But long-distance relationships demand twice the effort and that much more faith in your partner. There are a lot of naysayers when it comes to the success rate of long-distance relationships but incidents like this viral moment prove them right. Granted that it could be an isolated incident, but distance gets the best of a lot of us trying to make it work against all odds. As for this long-distance couple, what could have been a heartwarming moment quickly turned upside down to become a heart-breaking one for not only the woman's boyfriend but for all of us who watched.

The short video clip was first shared on the Chinese social media site Weibo before it made its way to Twitter and Instagram. It shows a couple standing by a stall at what looks like a shopping complex. A person in a bear costume stares at this couple and takes off the head in a dejected posture to reveal who he is to the woman. This man wanted to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday so he flew thousands of miles to be there for her. But when he turned up to where she was, he was shocked to see that she was with another man. The video titled "Poor bear, got cheated on" has been viewed several thousand times now.

The man who had his heart broken put the bear head back on and walked off. The woman having realized it was her boyfriend then runs after him in an attempt to make up for having cheated on him. The video cuts of as she hugs him but it is unclear how exactly their relationship turned out after this. Social media users could not help but empathize with the man who made the effort to come to be with his girlfriend, only to catch her cheating on him. One YouTube user wrote, You know whats even worse??? That man that had his heart crushed is a veteran he came back to surprise his girl in a teddy bear suit as his nickname from her was Teddy.

This makes the whole thing that much worse. The boyfriend's thoughtful gesture was brought to a sad halt. Another social media user wrote I don't care your gender, cheating is never forgivable or OK. If you can't handle your partner being away in the military, on business trips, or for any reason at all, break up with them so they can find someone better than your sorry a**. But there has also been speculation that the whole thing was staged which could easily be the case with how much fake content exists on the internet. But there is no way of knowing.

But a person who claims to be a good friend of the man in the bear costume made a post on Reddit stating , That poor guy being cheated on from the video is my close friend. I took him out for hot pot and beer. He decided to take a rest. We are gonna get him through this. But the account has since been deleted. Ozmandious stated, Imagine coming back from a deployment in a teddy bear costume, to surprise your girlfriend to find out she’s cheating on you. I feel so bad for this guy.

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