Margarita Trucks Will Bring The Drinks To Your Doorstep This Summer

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Margarita Trucks Will Bring The Drinks To Your Doorstep This Summer

La Gloria Margarita Trucks is all set to bring the party to you with a vast boozy menu along with loads of Mexican snacks.

The pandemic has forced us all to stay indoors during summer when we would otherwise be soaking up the sun sipping on margaritas. But social distancing is good and by staying indoors we are doing the right thing which will hopefully allow us to go out again. But in the meantime, to make things better, even if we can't go to parties, the party may just come to us. Just like kids have their icecream trucks to get excited about during summer, its now time for the adults to get excited about margarita trucks that will be rolling down the streets.

La Gloria Margarita Trucks is all set to make your summer spent indoors more interesting. Food trucks are great but a truck that carries alcohol is so much better. Sure, it may not be the same as getting together with friends but it's better than the possibility of catching a deadly virus. The COVID-19 virus led to the closure of restaurants, pubs, and other public places where people would gather in close quarters. Even though the restrictions are slowly being eased it would be best not to venture out, especially since the margarita and the food are coming to you.

The concept of Margarita trucks happens to be the brainchild of La Gloria, one of Chef Johnny Hernandez's restaurants located in San Antonio, Texas, which is also where the deliveries are kicking off. According to My San Antonio , the truck will be stocked with La Gloria favorites such as La Gloria's house margarita (frozen or on the rocks), the Blue Margarita, the Prickly Pear Margarita and the Mango Margarita which will be served in 16-ounce cups with a 50-milliliter add-on of El Jimador tequila starting at $10. You can also get drink packages that include 12-ounce cocktails with 375-milliliter bottles of liquor for $38.

“Our Margarita Trucks are another fun and creative way to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape,” Hernandez told Forbes . “Today, safety is top of mind for everyone, and many of our customers are simply not ready to dine out; however, we know that doesn’t mean they don’t crave one of our famous margaritas.” Additionally, the trucks will also have food options. Snacks like street corn, chips, salsa, and queso will be available along with taco kits and other favorites from The Fruteria, another one of Hernandez's restaurants.

“Delivering to our customers’ homes does not only make enjoying our signature margaritas safer and more convenient, but this new avenue of serving our customers also helps to rebuild our business, in turn allowing us to hire back more members of our team,” Hernandez added. The trucks will allow people to enjoy a nice relaxing time from the comfort of their homes during these unprecedented times. While practicing social distancing, all Margarita Truck employees will also be wearing masks and gloves during assembly of food and beverage orders. The food items are cold but can be heated on request. If you are from the San Antonio region, you can place an order here .

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