People Who Recovered From COVID-19 Are Sharing What It Was Like To Get Infected

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People Who Recovered From COVID-19 Are Sharing What It Was Like To Get Infected

The best way to ensure that you don't catch the virus is by staying at home and away from other people as much as possible

The coronavirus pandemic has not shown any signs of slowing down and with social distancing guidelines being eased, the cases are only likely to rise. Currently, there are 17,528,800 cases worldwide and more than 677,000 deaths. The transmission of the virus can be curbed to a huge extent by simply wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly at regular intervals, states WHO . However, the best way to ensure that the virus does not spread is to stay home and away from other people as much as possible. As many as 10,975,208 people have also managed to recover from the deadly virus and that is a good sign.

Reddit user VotedDragon_reddit asked , "People who recovered from COVID-19, what was it like?" Many people who were infected by the virus, who had been through the sickness for a few days and recovered, shared their experience. User Spin_Me said, I was sick back in March. I did not get the full list of symptoms (no cough, low-grade fever), but each symptom seemed to appear on a different day. My wife was also sick, although less severe symptoms. The odd part is that we went for tests and I tested positive and she was negative. Later, in a follow-up antibody test, I have antibodies and she did not. It took about 4 weeks for the symptoms to subside.

RedditAtWork2019 , 30, gave us a day-by-day breakdown of the development of the illness. He did not have pre-existing conditions or other significant risk factors and had only a very mild case of the virus. His COVID-19 progressed like this:
Day 1: slight sore throat and a little coughing in the morning, couldn’t really ever “wake up” from the morning.
Day 2-4: fatigue, body aches, a headache that made it hard to process information, pretty mild respiratory symptoms.
Day 5-7: slight fatigue
Day 7-10: no symptoms

User doubleflusher wrote that their whole family, which included his two toddlers aged two and four, were down with the virus. They wrote, Toddlers: mild symptoms - mostly low-grade fever. Recovered in a couple of days. Wife: fever, fatigue, loss of smell. Recovered in about a week. Me: worse symptoms - prolonged fever, headaches, hallucinations, sweats, indigestion, general soreness. About 4 straight days of harsh conditions. Recovered in about 2 weeks. They also took the time to answer many questions Redditors had for them about the details of the virus for which they responded with, "IDK what else to say except COVID is very real and can fuck you up no matter your age. Stay safe people."

Fibomath wrote, Started off with a cough, and then progressed to fatigue, chills, dizziness, and a mess of other symptoms I can’t even remember. I never had a fever nor did I lose my sense of smell/taste. The thing that was the hardest to deal with was the fatigue. I would debate drinking water because that meant I would have to walk to the bathroom (I have a bathroom connected to my bedroom). They added, It took about two weeks to recover although my cough hasn’t gone away. Overall, it was awful. I’m terrified of getting sick again. So it is best to avoid the outdoors, but if that is inevitable, mask up and wash your hands like your life depends on it, because it does.

Disclaimer: Information about the pandemic is swiftly changing, and we are committed to providing the most recent and verified updates in our articles and reportage. However, considering the frequency in developments, some of the information/data in this article may have changed since the time of publication. Therefore, we encourage you to also regularly check online resources from  local public health departments , the  Centers for Disease Control , and the  World Health Organization.

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