This Dad Built A Coffee Shop In His Backyard In Just 3 Months, And It Is Gorgeous

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This Dad Built A Coffee Shop In His Backyard In Just 3 Months, And It Is Gorgeous

Fueled by his love for coffee, Ed from California built 'La Vida' coffee shop from leftover material he saved from other building projects

The pandemic has temporarily stopped our coffee shop outings. Just the simple act of getting out of the house to grab a cup of coffee or spending time at a coffee shop with friends or by yourself are things that are being missed at the moment. More than anything, the quarantining has us wishing for our very own coffee shop. This 53-year-old man from Orange County, California gets to live that dream that we imagined. While we were busy whipping up the infamous dalgona coffee, this man took it to the next level and decided to build a whole coffee shop. He even managed to put the finishing touches in just three months.

The man's daughter, Julianna Astrid, shared her dad's super cool project on Twitter. In the tweet, she wrote, Did my dad really build a coffee shop in the backyard by himself within 3 months? Absolutely. She also shared pictures of the prettiest cafe that looked right out of Pinterest. The tweet has since then garnered a lot of attention and has over 37k retweets with over 301.9k likes. Her father, Ed, named the backyard cafe La Vida, which means "life." He wrote in an Instagram post , This is my new coffee shop that I built in my backyard after fueling my love for coffee into a cozy spot I can relax in, in the comfort of my own home. The structure took a little over 3 months but I will continue to add my personal touches on the inside as time goes by.

The cafe is small and cozy and takes up a small nook in Ed's backyard. He put it together with "trash" from numerous jobs and repurposed it for the cafe. It has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area, a barista station, with a pastry set-up, a coffee pot section, and a blackboard for displaying the menu, too. It even has a couple of seats near the window where we would all sit and indulge in some people-watching. The cafe looks like it is ready to launch and would easily attract patrons who could become loyal customers in the future. But for now, it is reserved for close family and friends only, reports Bored Panda .

"He is a very hardworking man who is all about doing the things he says he's gonna do," Julianna Astrid told ABC 13 . "My dad loves looking at little houses and different structures on Pinterest and randomly one day he told us, 'Yea, I think I'm gonna build a coffee shop in the backyard.' All of us started cracking up because it was so random and honestly, just a funny thought. Three months later, this thing was built!" She added, "He has always had a love for coffee and cozy spots, and recently decided to fuel that love into something for his own backyard, where the family and our guests can sit back, lounge and bond."

Julianna noted, "Something that really makes me proud is his eye for seeing beauty in everything. Most of my family has come to see it and they are in love with it. Everyone who has come inside is obsessed, especially since it's very cozy and is just the perfect spot to hang out or even keep warm." You can take a look at it for yourself here:

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